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12 and 13 May 2012   Cicatrix-Kongress in München

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, am Samstag, den 12. Mai und Sonntag 13. Mai findet unser jährlicher Cicatrix-Kongress in München statt, zu dem wir sie herzlich einladen wollen. Diesmal stehen aktuelle Informationen zur Behandlung von Verbrennungen und Narben im Vordergrund. Das detaillie...

9 and 10 February   13th Roundtable of EFA

We participated on the 13th EFA Roundtable in Warsaw Polen.For more information please consult the website of EFA www.europeanfire

December 6th   Black BOX for the EU Parliamentarians

We were very disappointed because we had no luck at all with our chosen day. That day the EU parliamentarians went to the meeting with The president of France and the Federal Chancellor Frau Merkel during their visit at the EU Parliament. The international press saw more interest in the taking the...

September 14-17th 20   EBA congress in The Hague

EBCA was represented on the EBA meeting in The HagueBCC Newsletter

May 25th 2011   EUROFIRE 2011 CONFERENCE

Mr Dominiek Viaene presented EBCA during the EUROFIRE 2011 CONFERENCE in Paris.Flyer

5 - 6 May 2011 12th   

We participated on the 12th EFA Roundtable in Revingeby (Sweden)Program:Presentations of fire safety and preventionRestructuring the Belgian Fire Services towards a result-oriented apparochReducing false alarmsSimulation of critical evacuation conditionsThermoptek, the enext generation of 10 year sm...

15th December 2010   San Antonio Statement on Brominated and Chlorinated Flame Retardants

  EBCA STATEMENT - EBCA, The European Burns Casualty Association notes with concern a statement on certain types of flame retardants signed at a recent international environmental conference in San Diego, California:  Base...

Based on our available data, we know that most victims in fires are in domestic fires. Domestic fire safety is not only a very low regulated field of burn prevention, it is also a very difficult one to handle. Looking at tackling this topic from a fire safety perspective, flame retardants are essential to ensure that everyday consumer products such as TV sets, sofas and other furniture meet high fire safety standards in order to protect lives. At present the use of flame retardants in the manufacture of these goods remains one of the most reliable means to lower the number of victims in domestic fires. We therefore urge extreme caution to any call to reduce the use of flame retardants without evaluating the consequences in terms of fire prevention and safety.

We fully accept that environmental and health concerns related to chemical flame retardants may need to be evaluated. We would ask that the public authorities carry out such evaluations as they would for any other chemical, and especially that the discussion would not be all or nothing. It is not about a technical detail for one type of flame retardants versus another, but on the difference on environmental and economical grounds between non-flame retardant and flame retardant emissions. In all discussions all seems again to be pinpointed at details instead of on the main topic: fire safety. We notice that sometimes existing regulation that fits its purpose for more than 95% is abolished because of the 5% missing, and not kept for the 95% of applicability. We feel that in this new statement, we risk to loose the 95%, because of this.


We would expect burns casualty organizations such as ourselves to be consulted in any public policy considerations on flame retardants that could affect the levels of fire safety that the citizen has a right to expect. After all, by far the vast majority of burns casualties are to be found in the areas with the lowest level of protection: domestic fires. And for EBCA, it is not about protesting new regulations, it is about making this regulation more balanced, based on the major issues where regulation is needed.  Making them work fast and without mistakes will be better if based on reasonable and reality driven facts, based on the cooperation between all parties involved.

EBCA is ready to assist policy makers in this, from a potential victims point of view.

EBCA represents national burn patients federations in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Switzerland and Portugal.

2 - 3 December 2010   11th EFA Roundtable in Warsaw Polen

We participated on the 11th EFA Roundtable in Warsaw Polen.For more information please consult the website of EFA www.europeanfire academy.euProgram:State of play on EFA Statistics project,EFA engagement in Hotel Fire SafetyAre you sitting comfortably?Fire performance of fire extinguishers of aeroso...

26th November 2010   Second EBCA Meeting

We are very proud to be able to say that our second EBCA was a success. All members were present even those who joined EBCA less than two weeks ago. After a quick standing lunch the chief of the military hospital Doctor Colonel Neirinckx and the vice president Mr Paul Villain welcomed everybody. E...

03th June 2010   10th EFA Roundtable in Brussels at the European Parliament

Mr. Dominiek Viaene had the opportunity to ask some questions to Mister Malcolm Harbour Chairman of the IMCO department, regarding their plans on fire safety in Europe. 
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