What will EBCA offer to patients and partners?

EBCA has above all the goal to:

  • Form a European patient lobby platform towards European official organizations regarding:
    - Increasing awareness among EU decision-makers of burn injury and fire safety issues
    - The collection of complete and reliable burn injury and fatality statistics at the European level
  • The standardization to the highest level of recommendations, laws and regulations on:
    - Prevention activities (smoke detectors, fire safety of consumer products, sprinkler systems,
      escape plans, fire safety installations in business and public buildings as well as in individual
      homes and transport systems)
    - After care reimbursement support for patients
  • Knowledge sharing between the member states of the European Union regarding:
    - Prevention and fire safety initiatives
    - Medical care and after care for burns patients
    - Psychological treatment and after care for burns patients and their families in their reintegration
      process into normal everyday life
    - The development and promotion of EU-wide public information campaigns on fire safety
    - To reinforce the individual, country related patient groups, and give them more synergy power
       as well as one single global lobby instrument. As well as to learn from each other about each
       there strengths.
    - To support the EU union and EFA (European Fire Academy)as a neutral reflection panel in decision making on all elements
      of burn care and fire safety