Dear reader,

Due to the fact that the rights of burned children are not supported in an objective way in the European Union, the vice president of EBCA, Mr Paul Villain and I launched the idea in 2008 to group all the organization in Europe who defend the rights of the burned children and burn patients in general in their country. A few months later, the vzw Pinocchio (the Belgian patient organization for burn patients amongst children) and ABF (the French burn patients association), have taken the initiative to start up a practical working group of burn patient organizations throughout Europe. In November 2008, the European Burn Casualties Association was founded, as a European not for profit organization, and a think tank concerning the situation of burn patients all over Europe. The scope of this think tank goes from working on better prevention up to better after care (medical and psychological, including reintegration in every day life). In the mean time, the Dutch national burn patients association (NBS), the Swiss FLAVIE, the Italian OCTOPUS ONLUS,
the German CICATRIX and the Belgian Help Brandwonden Kids have also joined our team, and on June 15th we are talking to  RAFT (The Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust) from the United Kingdom to widen our scope.

With this website, we can already give you some information on our organization and what we want to do with it, to make it an dynamic, result oriented partner for policy makers and burn victims as well as their families.

Martin Margodt                                    Paul Villain                                      
President of EBCA                                Vice President of EBCA